Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Its breeding!"

Yes its true, I am now a Dad to a cute little lady who goes by the name of Maggie!

So life has changed a little bit, but we are loving every second of it if I am honest. 

Sadly this blog might take a bit of a hit in the short term as I actually have to sit down in front of a computer which there is not a lot of time for right now.... but I'll try. :)

I really cant complain as this is one of the best feelings EVER!

This is her 'Milk drunk' face.


Friday, October 5, 2012

Last weekend summed up on three photos....

"I don't like cupcakes"


"Hahaha................... why is he still here?"

Sunday, September 23, 2012


This weekend was the birthday of 'The Mrs' so we took a long weekend and headed up to a nice Spa hotel not too far away from us. It was really nice to have a super relaxed weekend as we have been pretty full on over the past few weeks.... we are rather floppy now.

There it is, Vejlefjord hotel and Spa.
Not bad right?

Fancy bath robes y'all!

Three floors of fancy.

As well as hanging by the pool we had some nice walks. Found a little beach that had a bird watching tower.

".... let down your golden hair!"

Some of the graffiti inside was pretty cool....some of the best i've seen.

Just watching the waves.

Not a bad view even if I do say so myself.

The food there was pretty good and we had a fancy pants dinner on the last night which called for us to dress up all posh.


-Posted while on the move..... I really wish the picture quality was better when posting on the move. :/

Friday, September 21, 2012

Spa trip.

Me and the wife are spending a few nights at a fancy SPA hotel for her birthday. I'm hoping to have a mud bath so I can pretend to be Bigfoot like Homer did.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Porto wedding...

Me and the Mrs went to Porto recently to see some other friends become a Mr&Mrs. The weather was great, Porto is super nice, food was tasty and we had a great time! Weddings are fun. :)

I called him Caveman Jesus!

We got to ride the trams is Porto, super cool fun.
the line is not very long but fun none the less.

Day of the wedding and the Groom was looking a little tense! haha

My lady on the other hand was looking amazing. :)

The kids table....

The bride dancing with her Dad.
All together now...Awwwww!

I made a bit of an effort for the day.

I even made a LEGO tie clip for the occasion.

-Posted while on the move (thats why the image quality sucks!)

Sunday, August 19, 2012


It was a relaxed weekend here in Vejle for the Groves family. We were planning on heading up to Copenhagen but the Mrs had to take it easy this week under Doctors orders as the baby was making himself/herself felt. So we decided to just have a nice little weekend and started by popping out for a nice dinner.

All three of us heading off to dinner.

This is where we decided to go. Very pretty place.

Cabbage and cream soup.

Fried vegetables with homemade mayo and sweet potato chips.

Pork with Cheese and berries.

Ice cream with crumbled cookie, berries and cream.

Decided I NEED to join this order.

On Saturday I took the opportunity to clean the apartment and do some much needed house work. Cant say the wife was too pleased by this so I made tasty Sushi and Tempura to cheer her up.

Sunday turned out to be super sunny this Sunday, so we invited ourselves over to our friends Sven & Lizzy's place.....who have a nice garden. They fired up the BBQ and we all enjoyed a bit of sun.

I was trying to brush up on my German.

That is a good sight on a sunny day.

Sven has an Apple tree in the garden, and I do mean APPLE.... this is the only one. It better taste good.

Swinging sister.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

3 out of 14

So this week (8th August) was mine and the Mrs 3rd wedding anniversary, Woooo! However when you consider we have been together almost 14 years thats doesn't seem so impressive.... but thats no reason to NOT to get all mushy and have a nice weekend in Copenhagen now is it!

Fee was down there for work on Thursday and I went up to join her on Friday. First on the agenda was meeting up with our good friends Ines & Gustaffa, who are soon to be married themselves. We went to the Tokyo Restaurant and it was pretty good! They told us they have been there almost 48 years and were the first Japanese restaurant in Copenhagen.

We sat at one of those traditional low tables. Fee, with her Asian roots was fine but us westerners were suffering after a while. haha

The next day we fueled up with a nice hotel breakfast, said hi to a work friend who had no idea we were in town and headed on out for a walk.

As the 'bump' is getting bigger we stopped for a little break at the Royal Cafe. Kind of quirky and fun, run by hipsters but I will defo go back.

The iced Latte was much needed as the weather was getting warm, and the cake.... well lets just say I might have diabetes now.

After a nap at the hotel we headed on out to TIVOLI GARDENS for a nice walk and a bite to eat.
We have not been here together since out first trip to Copenhagen almost 7 years ago.

It is rather pretty at night.

After a little walk we popped into 'Med Klubben' for a bite to eat.
Starter was so-so and my main (steak) beat Fee's Chicken.

Very pretty (and hungry) wife.

Heres to the next 14 years! :)